Deliver your innovative healthcare programs to multiple hospitals without headaches!

Clinicion is a new healthcare platform built in Melbourne, Australia and used on over 25 hospitals around the world!

The Clinicion platform enables clients to roll-out transformational healthcare programs across multiple hospitals without headaches or unexpected costs.


Key Features

Tech Features

  • Deliver into hospitals anywhere around the world at minimal cost
  • Enable hospitals to self-manage many of the functions of the system to minimise your workload
  • Multiple types of training, assessment and mentoring activities
  • Support for Continuous Professional Development credit tracking across activities
  • Frontline healthcare leader tools and reporting
  • View activity across all the hospitals using your programs
  • Online best practice communities for each vendor coming in 2017!

  • Works on mobile devices and desktops
  • Fully supported software as a service
  • Independent servers in Australia and US (Other countries available)
  • Secure and running within the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure
  • Option for hospitals to implement single sign-on requirements to meet their security requirements
  • Low cost multi-hospital roll-outs
  • High reliability/redundancy and scalability
  • Enterprise integration options available


How can Clinicion help me?

The platform has been built from the ground up to service multiple teams, hospitals and content providers in a single location. Our team take care of support and technology issues for you and the hospitals interested in adopting your programs.

If you have one or more healthcare programs that you need to provide to local or international then the Clinicion platform infrastructure may offer you a unique opportunity.

To find out more about how Clinicion can help you deliver your programs please contact us!